A plumbing or sewer leak when detected at the earliest can save a lot of trouble. Water that seeps through walls and floors can cause extensive damage to the structure and also cost a lot of money to restore and repair.

How To Detect A Leak

Leak detection can be easily done with the help of sound and visible signs of water. Simple diligent checks are all that is required to find these leaks and basic plumbing skills can help fix it too. This is why every home needs to be equipped with a basic plumbing repair kit with necessary tools and spares. Remember that a persistent leak might mean you have plumbing damage from hard water, check out this review on water softeners, they can save you home!

The tool kit must consist of a hand wrench, auger, some waterproofing adhesives and spares. It is any day better to be vigilant and fix minor leaks and clogs that when left unattended can cause major problems. Apart from sound and signs of water, reduced water pressure in taps, water heaters etc are all signs that point to a leak.  Trouble arises when leaks occur in concealed areas, in walls, floors and ceilings.

A change in the normal utility bill is a sign of trouble and the best way to detect a leak is to water the water meter reading over a period of time when there is no water being used at your home. The only way to detect concealed leaks is by using specialized equipments like Infrared sensors, sound magnifiers or gas detectors and may need professional help. Good plumbers based in Louisville, KY or whatever your location is, or plumbing company is the only solution in such cases. They detect, repair and even restore the area affected by such leaks.

How To Fix A Leak

Finding a good plumber to work on small repairs can be difficult. Sometimes the services of a good handyman may be required to fix plumbing repairs in your home. Most of the repairs are still manageable personally if the tools and spares are available. Common areas where leaks occur are taps and pipes around the home, joints and valves in plumbing lines, water heaters, faucets etc.

It is always advisable to shut off water supply before attempting repairs as it reduces the chances of water damage. Spares can be got easily from stores and there are several quick fix tools available that help temporarily fix the problem before looking for permanent solutions or professional help. Adhesive patches can be used to fix leaks very easily and they hold on for enough time to find a perfect solution. Plumbing in modern homes is relatively easy to maintain, as PVC pipes used are free of conventional problems of rusting and clogging.

In cases of concealed leaks, find a professional plumbing company that offers repair and restoration services. They have the tools to detect and work on such repairs with minimum invasion to the structure. This saves a lot of time and effort; quick solutions reduce damage due to water as well.  These detection tools are so sophisticated that they exactly locate the leak, give an idea of size and thus help plumbers work out a near exact plan of action. Proper estimate of time and costs involved is also possible with such accurate leak detection.

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